It is possible to build a brand from scratch successfully. However, it has become a lot more complex, and also a lot easier than ever before (depending on how you look at it). The millennials are a generation privileged with the upsides of the internet that allow them to bring their dreams alive with relative ease. While there are definitely more opportunities to launch a business today, failing in a cluttered 24/7 environment is actually quite easy to do.

One of the main factors in the success of a brand is its ability to carve its own niche and highlight that niche or difference to consumers. When launching a brand, there’s a lot to keep in mind, but, here are some of the key factors entrepreneurs need to keep in mind while they being to launch their dreams:

build a brand strategy

1. Know and understand your target audience – It is extremely important to understand your target audience to define your brand. Keep in mind their demographics (age, gender, geographical location, income, education, occupation). This helps in crafting the right message and positioning of the brand.

2. Develop a strong key message for your defined audience – The right messaging is critical for building a brand, and only seems to become more crucial as the years pass. Instead of bombarding consumers with too many messages, giving out one key message for them to take away greatly increases the probability of brand recognition.

2. Know what sets your brand apart and stick to that – In order to give a distinct positioning to your brand, it’s extremely important to identify what differences you’re offering vs. your competitors (or potential competitors). You must be aware of what your competitors are doing in order to have a better hold on the next moves. It is essential to understand your brand and what customers expect out of your brand in the grand scheme of things.

4. Define your brand’s values – Defining your brand’s values helps you to better connect with consumers you want to reach. Humans have emotions, positioning your brand as a supporter of that emotion and the values associated with it gives you the edge to strengthen your brand image. For Example: Being a brand supporting gay rights, which is a topical issue, helps to connect with your customers — of course, your values should always be aligned with your target market’s values most importantly.

5. Listen to your customers/clients – The digital revolution has made it easy to communicate with customers and potential customers. Taking regular feedback from your consumers reduces the chances of any PR crisis and helps create an image of a customer-oriented brand.


Following these five keys of advice will assist you in creating a brand with a space for itself in the minds of consumers and set up your brand image. Building a brand from scratch requires diligent work, keeping in mind the end goal to do it effectively, one must be well versed with the market trends and blend them with the brand’s activities and campaigns. It’s hard work to build a successful brand from scratch, and takes a lot of time, but it can definitely be done!

(Originally written & published on 7/9/2018 by Aaron Lee for Blue Ridge Creative Marketing)