The mission

South Riding Inn, a small bar & grill in Loudoun County, VA (the foothills of the Blue Ridge mountains) has a lot of sauce flavors when it comes to their famous wings, but, their most unique and under appreciated flavor is “Moonshine BBQ”. We decided to create an advertising campaign that increased awareness around these one-of-a-kind wings and the Appalachian kick that accompanied them.

Client:  South Riding Inn
Service:  Digital advertising, Video
Year:  2018

moonshine bbq banner gif

The result

Based on a strategy that connected themes of Appalachian culture and history to help forge a cultural connection to the area (and the sauce itself). Since Virginia is sometimes known as the “moonshine capital of the world”, it only made sense. The final version of the campaign featured social media posts, a digital video ad (featuring Florida Georgia Line’s “Get Your Shine On”, and a print ad, all set up to showcase the wings as the “star” of the show, while Appalachian themes played a prominent role throughout, giving the campaign a high-test Virginia backwoods whiskey character that’s hard to resist!

Shortly after the campaign started, Moonshine wings became the highest-selling flavor of chicken wings at SRI, a trend that continues today.