The mission

As part of our Brand Experiences class during the 2nd year at Brandcenter, we were put into groups of Strategists, CBMs, Art Directors, Copywriters, and XDs and each group assigned a somewhat “stale” brand. Our group was assigned Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn. The mission of this project was to breathe new life into a brand by creating a new product extension and an all-new brand campaign that could help rejuvenate the brand with a younger generation and increase sales throughout the category. But we wanted to take it a set further and sirup the snack category in general. Not just the popcorn category.

Class:  Brand Experiences
Skills:  Brand Strategy, Advertising
Year:    2019
Teammates:  Jenna Anderson, Michelle Lee, Ginny Adamson, Upasti Bassapa

The strategy behind it all.

Through research on the brand, and looking into the history of Orville Redenbacher’s popcorn and the man himself, we found that Orville wanted worked tirelessly to make the best, fluffiest popcorn with the fewest leftover kernels per bag, meaning you had more to share. We were inspired by a direct quote from Orville Redenbacher himself: “The best stories we remember time from the smallest moments we shared (with others)”. Using all of this, and looking at the evolution of snacking moving from a time when we used to snack to share, while today snacking is more about self care and treating ourselves. All of this led to our strategy behind this campaign and brand overhaul – Show snackers that Orville Redenbacher’s isn’t just popcorn. It’s the treat that creates shareable moments out of everyday occasion. The purpose was to turn the mundane into the meaningful.

We achieved a brand overhaul to help compete with newer (“healthier ” brands like Skinny Pop and Boom Chika Pop) through creative art direction by Jenna Anderson which ended up modernizing the brand while making it a little more playful and youthful (but still serious and professional enough) with a new, subdued color palette, fun typography, and a more “cartoonish”, simpler logo That kept the iconic man behind the brand, just in a more cartoon style version.

Because our brand strategy and campaign centered around sharing moments and making everyday special moments with those around us, we created a series of print and OOH ads that helped connect the dots and showcase the shareability of the classic snack, with a redesign that matched the new brand.

As a plus to our product extension (along with the sharable “you and me” and “Ice-Breaker” bags, we developed a set of spices, flavorings, and salts along with mini bowls meant for party hosting, creating your own favors of popcorn, and sharing them with friends or coworkers. These sets were perfect for sharable everyday moments like kids’ sleepovers, sports viewing parties, and traditional adult evening parties with friends and significant others. Below is a mockup in Cinema 4D (thanks to Ginny Adamson and Jenna Andersion) of what this all might look like with special store point-of-purchase displays: