The mission

I decided to set up a business and move my work under its umbrella. Enter: Blue Ridge Creative Marketing. Obviously, a new business needed a fresh logo and branding complete with a new website to showcase work samples and provide ways for potential new clients to reach out.

For the logo, I envisioned four distinct parts that came together as one, representing the four main services provided (web design, brand/marketing strategy, graphic design, and logo/identity). Next I set out to design the Blue Ridge website to reflect the brand, and its ideas in the creative marketing space. I based the design around the logo and the brand’s namesake to create a seamless experience for visitors, clients, and potential clients.

Client:  Blue Ridge Creative
Service:  Branding, Web design
Year:  2017

The result

The result of the branding design is a colorful and professional minimal style that’s just the right amount of “playful”, and tries to not take itself too seriously. Using that brand style, I put together a website using the “mobile first” philosophy. it features a simple, minimalist layout utilizing current web trends, including parallax, video headers, and short, to-the-point content and copy. The new BRCM website is user friendly and easy to access and understand for all folks – especially prospective clients!

blue ridge creative marketing responsive website