While overall apparel sales are down, the active apparel category is continuing to grow due in large part to outerwear. Additionally, the category has evolved to incorporate style and comfort as traditional outerwear is more frequently being mixed into folks’ everyday wardrobe. These trends are opportunities for Columbia Sportswear to expand their target market.

Let’s let Patagonia and The North Face, Columbia’s top competitors in the category, continue to fight for the extreme adventurer. Columbia will embrace and celebrate the everyday adventurer.

These days consumers have less time and are more on the go than ever before. This means they need reliable gear so they can remain on track and tackle their everyday tasks regardless of the elements. Columbia’s technology can fulfill this need.

Columbia creative brief strategy


The “To-Do List Warrior”

The “to-do list warrior” may not be hiking Mt. Everest any time soon, but they are kicking ass and taking names when it comes to everyday tasks. Whatever may be on their to-do list, they want dependable gear to help them get the job done.


Mt. Everest isn’t the only destination with a forecast of snow. You don’t have to be on an extreme outdoor adventure to need dependable gear.


Columbia is the To-Do List Warrior’s weapon of choice for battle against the elements.

Columbia brand strategy

Why it'll work:

Every warrior needs a weapon. Why pick Columbia? Columbia is as ambitious as they are. Columbia’s investment in technology makes them a dependable choice for the to-do list warrior to help tackle their daily Mt. Everest… whatever that may be.

Class: Account Planning
Skills:  Creative brief, Brand strategy
Year:  2018
Teammates:  Cara Coffin, Rachael Sherman