The mission

In keeping with tradition, military life insurance provider Military Benefit Association wanted a pin they could hand out and trade with attendees at annual NGAUS (National Guard Association of the United States) and EANGUS (Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the United States) conferences. As a sponsor for the events, it was only fitting that MBA participate.

Client:  Military Benefit Assn.
Service:  Graphic design, Logo
Year:  2017

The result

For this pin design, I wanted to incorporate MBA’s main logo along with the National Guard logo. I kept it sort of generic and left out a date so that it could be used for purposes other than just that year’s National Guard conferences. The end result is a great looking badge that incorporates a little of everything, while keeping MBA and their message front and center.

Military Benefit Association National Guard Pin Design
Military Benefit Association NGAUS Pin Design
Military Benefit Association T-Shirt Design
Military Benefit Association Back T-Shirt Design