The mission

Facing stagnant sales and a decline in brand enthusiasm, local bar and restaurant, South Riding Inn, needed some help in rejuvenating their base and expanding their sales. SRI was already known by the area neighborhoods as a great local place to drink, but, we wanted to focus on highlighting the great food options they offered. With an updated menu put in place by the restaurant’s new GM, the timing for some fresh advertising campaigns was perfect.

Client:  South Riding Inn
Service:  Graphic design, Advertising
Year:  2018

The result

I went to work streamlining the brand’s color palette and style, moving from a dull orange-red and brown scheme to bolder bright red and charcoal. I created a few digital ads (placed mainly on social media) highlighting some of their newer food options and trying to focus on the great daily food specials they have throughout the week. After a few months, not only did the restaurant start seeing a growth of online influence, but, because of their new, more modern style, sales started increasing – particularly in the food department. These are just a few of the ads used.

South Riding Inn Taste Buds ad
South Riding Inn advertising campaigns
South Riding Inn Share ad
South Riding Inn Eat Healthy ad
South Riding Inn Fajita Ad
South Riding Inn cheat day ad
South Riding Inn 3 stooges ad