In late 2020, My friend, Richmond traffic/criminal defense attorney Samantha Upton approached me with a (top secret) mission. She was going to leave her current firm to go out on her own (no one could know yet). However, before she launched into the world of building her own law firm, I advised her that she should probably have some things set up before announcing the big news- mainly branding of her firm, a logo (which she handed off to her cousin who’s also a graphic designer), and a custom UI & website design that showed off who she truly is, why she does what she does, and didn’t look like a generic “keyword” stuffed lawyer webpage. The end product provided just enough of Samantha as it did talking about what the firm does and who they fight for, to set it apart from all the other criminal defense attorneys around the Central VA area.


Samantha has a ‘fun’ and straight-to-the-point style about her. But she truly means business when it comes to her clients and what she does, so I wanted this to truly shine through in the simplest way possible as the main strategy.

I used the newly created logo to help put together a refined color palette for the Upton Law brand, and wanted the UX of the site to be easily navigable with the idea of a “clean” and minimalist style that still contains all the pertinent information relevant to a traditional criminal defense attorney’s website.

iPhone 11 floating mockup - Upton Law


The amazingly unique logo, along with the refined color palette became key to helping define the brand overall, along with a mixture of serif font for headings and san-serif body copy. A built in contact form through the Clio suite allows for easy CRM directly between the site and Clio law software service. The different hues of yellows and grey’s, along with subtle pattern infusion, and beautiful imagery of Samantha and RVA make the site stand out with just enough texture to keep it interesting, set it apart from other local attorney’s, and help tell her story… the ultimate goal!


  • UX Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Web Design


Upton Law, PLLC