The mission

Tasked with creating a :30 video spot for Purell that could not contain any dialogue, and only two art cards allowed throughout to help tell the story, we had our work cut our for us. We developed a simple strategy that would allow us to develop a story that helped to connect people with the brand: Purell helps you stay healthy so you can be there for those who depend on you.

Class:  Visual Storytelling
Skills:  Video production, Advertising
Year:    2019
Teammates:  Zavi Harmon, Severin Didriksen

The result

Our video ad revolved around a young mom who was also a full-time ER nurse working the night shift while studying for an online graduate degree at the same time. Between her baby, her husband, her classes, and her patients in the hospital, she needed to remain healthy because she had a lot of people depending on her in a number of different ways. Her busy life helped sell the concept that Purell keeps you healthy so you can be there for those who depend on you, and tell a compelling story at the same time.